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Cardiac Care and Critical Anaesthesia for Pets
Visiting Consultant, Mumbai


Don’t Skip A Beat

Don't Skip A Beat is a brand of Acumed Veterinary Specialty headed by Dr.Deepti Deshpande , offering consulting services for Cardiac Care, 2D Echocardiography, Critical Surgical Anaesthesia and Neuro-anaesthesia for MRI & CT scans. Apart from the Cardiac Care services, we also wish to keep Don’t Skip A Beat as an educational platform for all veterinary students.


Dr. Deepti Deshpande

Deepti Deshpande

Dr Deepti Deshpande is a veterinarian at Acumed Veterinary Specialty. She also has a consulting practise in the name of ‘Don’t Skip a Beat’ which involves cardiac consultations, Echocardiography and critical anaesthesia.
Dr Deepti is a Masters in Veterinary Studies from Massey University, New Zealand, 2014. She completed her Bachelors in Veterinary Sciences & Animal Husbandary, Bombay Veterinary College, MAFSU, 2010
In July, 2016, Dr Deepti attended the European School of Advanced Veterinary studies course in Cardiology at Estoril Portugal. Dr Deepti did her masters in veterinary studies with a focus in cardio-respiratory medicine. In 2014 she presented her master’s thesis in American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine Forum (ACVIM),Tennessee, USA.
Dr Deepti always had a keen interest in Veterinary Internal medicine and Cardiology and has completed two externships at North Carolina State University, USA in Cardiology, Internal Medicine and Emergency and Critical Care – in 2011 and 2014. She also did an externship at a private clinic – Belle Mead Animal Hospital, New Jersey, 2014.
While at Massey University, Dr Deepti worked after hours at the Massey University Small Animal Emergency centre for 2 years. She also did an externship with the anaesthesia services at Massey University veterinary teaching hospital. In 2015, Dr Deepti did a distance learning course in Anaesthetic Complications from University of Sydney. She has also completed a RACE accredited course in Veterinary Pain management by VIN.
Dr Deepti has several awards and has published in Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine – The Effect of the Canine ABCB1-1Δ Mutation on Sedation after Intravenous Administration of Acepromazine. This paper gives an important insight on the effects of sedatives in breeds of dogs, such as rough coated collies, which carry the ABCB1-1Δ Mutation and are sensitive to drugs such as Ivermectin. In 2013, Dr Deepti won the Bayer Innovation Award & Massey University Masterate Scholarship.
Dr Deepti and Dr Prathmesh started Antibiotic Vigilantes for a social cause to create awareness about antibiotic resistance and judicious use of antibiotics amongst veterinarians.
Dr Deepti is a nature enthusiast and enjoys travelling, wildlife camping, photography. Dr Deepti is an avid reader and enjoys the company of books.


Maintaining quality and compassionate heart care services for your pets...
One beat at a time


Cardiac Consults

We offer Cardiology consultation for pets. It includes a thorough Cardiac Auscultation (Listening to Heart Sounds) and recommending further diagnostics.


Electro Cardiogram

ElectroCardiogram is used to diagnose abnormal heart rhythm. We offer ECG services for


2-D Echo

2-D Echo is an Ultrasound of the heart which aids in diagnosing Cardiac Conditions. We provide our expertise in 2D Echo for pets.


Doppler Blood Pressure

We have a Veterinary specific Doppler blood pressure monitoring device. It aids in giving a blood pressure reading on your pet.


Critical Anaesthesia & Monitoring

We offer our expertise in anaesthesia for Cardiac patients and major surgeries. We also have specialized anaesthetic protocols for Brachycephalic / Snub nosed breeds like Pugs.


Cardiac Procedures

We perform Life saving procedures such as Pericardiocentesis / Thoracentesis which involves draining fluid from the Pericardium of the heart and thorax respectively.

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  • +91 22 2884 4509
  • dontskipabeatvet@gmail.com
  • www.acumedvets.com

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